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Sharing Our Knowledge: A Conference of Tsimshian, Haida and Tlingit
Tribes and Clans
Sitka, Alaska
March 21-25, 2007

Clan Conference DVDs


Vol. 1A Plenary Session - Part 1 Thursday March 22nd
Welcome and Introduction
Becoming a Clan, Clan House Leader
Marilyn Jensen
Norman James
Herman Davis
David Katzeek
George Ramos
Andy Gamble
Ray Wilson

Vol. 1 (b) [continued]
Plenary Session - Part 2 Thursday March 22nd
Becoming a Clan, Clan House Leader (cont.)

Edwell John Jr.
At.óow: Care and usage of Clan Regalia
Irene Dundas
Andy Hope
George Bennett Sr.
Harold Jacobs

Vol. 2
Southeast Alaska Native Language Retention
Language Endangerment: Who, Where and Why?
Alice Taff
Marsha Hotch
Paul Jackson Sr.
Psychological Implications of Lingit Language Loss
Jessica Chester
Paths to Lingit
Mary Folletti
Vivian Mork
Vida Davis
John Pugh

Vol. 3
Ceremonial Regalia
Megan Smetzer
Regalia Research
Clarissa Hudson And Donna Foulke
Chilkat Tunics: Towards a Re-Evaluation of the Configurative
Emily Moore
Chilkat Appreciation
Evelyn Vanderhoop
Opening the Drawer: Unpacking Tlingit Beadwork in Museums and Beyond
Megan Smetzer

Vol. 4
Remembering The Old, Building The New: Teslin Tlingit Councils
Tlingitization Initiative and Beyond
Representatives of the Teslin Tlingit Council Executive and Elders Councils and the Dahk Ka Tlingit

Vol. 5
Sharing Our Work: The Artists Speak
Jan Steinbright
Nicholas Galanin
Tanis S’eiltin
Teri Rofkar
Evelyn Vanderhoop

Vol. 6
Traditional Ecological Knowledge
K’wát’Aaní: Returning to the land of the Seagull Eggs
Mary Beth Moss
Natural Laws and Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Bertrand J. Adams Sr.
Tracing the Origins of Tlingit Agriculture and Reintroducing Native Cultivars to Today’s Gardens
Elizabeth Kunibe

Vol. 7
Sacred and Historic Sites
Bob Sam

Vol. 8
Tlingit Clan Naming Ceremony and Workshop
George Bennett Sr.
David Katzeek
Doris McClain
Herman Davis
Vida Davis
George Bennett Sr.
Question and Answer Period
Harold Jacobs
Ceremonial Dance
Naming Ceremony

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2007

Vol. 9A
Plenary Session - Part 1 Friday March 23rd
Place Based Education Part 1
Andy Hope III
Tom Thornton
Harold Martin
Bambi Kraus
Ishmael Hope

Vol. 9 (b) [continued]
Plenary Session - Part 2 Friday March 23rd
Place Based Education Part 2
Ted Wright
Steve Langdon
Clarissa Hudson
Richard Dauenhauer
Nora Dauenhauer
Jason Blue-Smith and Glynnis Breen

Vol. 10
The Wisdom and Healing Messages to be Found in Mythology
David Katzeek
“Regaining Elders Leadership”
Walter Porter
Remembrance of Mark Jacobs Jr.

Vol. 11
Caring For Regalia
Scott Carrlee

Vol. 12
Tlingit History During the Russian Occupation of Alaska
The Russians in Tlingit America: The Battles of Sitka, 1802 and 1804
Richard Dauenhauer
Nora Dauenhauer
The Yakutat Tlingit and the Russians-1795 to 1825
Elaine Abraham (Oral Traditions)
Judy Ramos (Russian Traditions)
Tlingit Interaction with Other Ethnic Groups of the Northwest Coast and Alaska
Before and During the Russian Rule Elena Piterskaya

Vol. 13
Our Neighbors: The Haida and Tsimshian
Visible Grammar: Tools for Revitalizing Tsimshian Sm’algyax
Margaret Seguin Anderson
Reflections on Roots and Resurrections
Tom Abel
Bringing to Light a Counter-Narrative of our History:
Mique’l Icesis Askren

Vol. 14
A Canoe’s Journey: From Angoon to NYC to Angoon
Harold Jacobs
Repatriation of the Masks of Kaawa.ee to the Dog Salmon House, L’eeneidÍ Clan, Auk Tribe

Bob Sam
Identifying Cultural Affiliation of Saanyaa Kwáan & Taant’a Kwáan At.óow
Irene Dundas
Smithsonian Repatriation of the Killer Whale Hat (Kéet Saaxw) to the Dakl’aweidí Clan of Angoon
Eric Hollinger and Harold Jacobs
Potlatch Loans: Building New Relationships with Tlingit Clans
Stacey Espenlaub

Vol. 15
Ethnohistory - Part 1

Kristen Griffin
Spanish Voyages to Alaska and History’s Mysteries
Wallace Olson
A Terrible Turning Point: Sitka and the 1835 Smallpox Epidemic
Kristen Griffin
How We See Ourselves Today As Clans
Ellen Hope Hays
Selected Manuscript Collections in the Alaska State Library Historical Collections
James Simard

Vol. 16
Keynote Address “Revival and Survival: Two Lifetimes in Tlingit”
Introduction and Overview
Ishmael Hope
Nora Dauenhauer
Richard Dauenhauer


Vol. 17
Ethnohistory - Part 2
Relating Deep Genealogy, Oral History and Early European Accounts: Questions, Problems, Progress
Judith Berman
Whose Justice? Traditional Tlingit Law and the Deady Code
Diane Purvis
The Paul Family Photo and Historical Collection
Ben Paul
The Cottages: A Brief History
Gil Truitt
A Geologist’s Vision for a Bureau of Ethnology
Donna Foulke

Vol. 18
Traditions of Living with the Land and Sea: Archaeological, Ethnographic and Oral Historical Studies of Place (Part 1)
Tlingit Oral Narratives and Time Immemorial

Daniel Monteith
Preserving a Sacred Landscape
Ken Grant
Native Use of Seabirds from the Forrester Islands, Southeast Alaska
Madonna Moss
Inclusive Archaeology: Research and Partnerships at On Your Knees Cave
Terry Fifield

Vol. 19
Our Warriors: Old and New Traditions
Steve Henrikson
George Ramos
Ashley Verplank
George Bennett Sr.

Vol. 20
Traditions of Living with the Land and Sea: Archaeological, Ethnographic and Oral Historical Studies of Place (Part 2)
Archives Related to Haa Atxaayi Haa Kusteeyix Sitee, Our Food is our Tlingit Way of Life

Lilian Petershoare
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Rock Art in Southern Southeast Alaska
Terry Fifield
Clam Gardens of the Pacific Northwest: Sitka to Puget Sound
John Harper
Bob Sam
Deikeenoow: Tlingit Traditional Cultural Property in the Hazy Islands
Steve Langdon
Anatomy of a Traditional Cultural Property: The Saga of Auke Cape
Thomas Thornton

Vol. 21
Tribal Historic Preservation Efforts
Bambi Kraus
Traditional Tribal Medicine
Ida Armiga

Vol. 22
Access Points: Discovering Family History Resources in the Alaska State Library
James Simard

Vol. 23
What Canoes Mean To Our People
Paul M. Jackson

Vol. 24
Tribal Court Case Law in Southeast Alaska
Jim Bowen

Vol. 25
Reconceptualizing Fisheries and Fish Management (Part 1)
Traditional Management of Salmon at Yakutat

Judy Ramos
George Ramos
Reconstructing the Montana Creek Fish Trap
Janet Criswell and Steve Henrikson
Ish: Thinking About Tlingit Relations With Salmon
Steve Langdon

Vol. 26
Genealogical Research in Southeast Alaska Communities: Challenges, Rewards and Solutions
Chris Roth

Vol. 27
Spruce Root Basketry of the Tlingit
Hans Chester
The Borhauer Basketry Collection
Helen Dangel-Lorrigan and Irene Jimmy
Diagnostic Features of Eighteenth Century Spruce Root Hats
Dawn Glinsmann
A Growing Crisis: Gathering Our Materials in the 21st Century
Delores Churchill

Vol. 28
Reconceptualizing Fisheries and Fish Management (Part 2)
Mapping Salmon Stories, Events and Names: An Exercise in Historical Ecology

Tom Thornton
Herman Kitka Sr.
Roby Littlefield
Ethel Makinen
Tlingit Oral Traditions Concerning Salmon Stock Transfers and Stewardship: From After The Flood to Now
Mike Jackson

Vol. 29
Shotridge in Philadelphia: Representing Northwest Coast Peoples
Robert Preucel
The Shotridge Digital Archive Project
Lucy Fowler Williams
Sheldon Jackson: Plunderer or Preserver
Rosemary Carlton
Perspectives on Museum’s Positions through The Native Experience Past and Present
Clarissa Hudson

SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2007

Vol. 30
Alaska Native Music
Contemporary Traditional Alaska Native Music/Dance: What has survived the colonial period?
Maria Williams
Elaine Abraham
This is Kuxaankutaan’s (Dr. Frederica De Laguna’s) Song
Elaine Abraham
Judy Ramos

Vol. 31
Cultural Centers and “Heritage Tourism”
Klukwan Knowledge Camp and Cultural Center

Lani Hotch
House Like a Mirror: The Klukwan Longhouse Project
Jim Heaton
Yakutat Camp #13 ANB Hall History and Renovation
Bertrand J. Adams Sr.
Totem Pole Parks Tourism
Daniel Monteith
Reflections Upon the Worldwide Native-Owned Cultural Tourism Industry
Alexis Bunten

Vol. 32
Northern Northwest Coast Native Art History
On The Edge: Five Contemporary Tlingit Artists

Aldona Jonaitis
Feeding the Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons
Anne Marie Victor-Howe
The Evolution of the Tlingit Dagger
Ashley Verplank
Tlingit and Haida Silversmiths at the Turn of the 20th Century
Katie Bunn-Marcuse
Skidegate Haida House Models
Robin K. Wright

Vol. 33
“No Place Like Home” Documenting Walton Family History
Steve Henrikson, Joyce Shales and the Walton Family

Vol. 34
Cemeteries: Documentation and History
Bob Sam

Vol. 35
Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights
Vivian Faith-Martindale Marie Olson

Vol. 36
Issues in Contemporary Northern Northwest Coast Art
Mique’l Icesis Askren
Tommy Joseph
Clarissa Hudson
Tanis S’eiltin
Mike Dangeli
Preston Singletary

Vol. 37
Traditional Wisdom and Knowledge Today
Walter Porter

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